VIVITRAVEL: free to travel

The Vivitravel™ service offers the oxygen dependant patient the opportunity to travel and spend time in places away from his or her usual residence in many of the main European Community countries.


VIVITRAVEL (registered European trademark N° 665.153), was created in 1993 as yet another example of our commitment to improve our patients’ quality of life.
The service was developed in particular for patients who need respiratory therapy at home. Due to the mobility provided by liquid oxygen systems, these patients are now able to enjoy considerable freedom of movement outside their home environment.

Mobility also provides the opportunity to travel and stay at different locations instead of having to remain at home.

VIVITRAVEL enables its patients to move within the main European countries, wherever Vivisol branches or partner companies are located.

The information systems developed ad hoc by VIVISOL permits the exchange of information  throughout its network, so that every individual component of the patient’s trip is covered. Thus it will co-ordinate the supply of oxygen, taking into account the destinations, modes of transport, third party involvement (e.g. tour operators) and places of accommodation, all in accordance with the patient’s schedule and aligned to their individual therapy and methods of intervention.

VIVISOL operators, who provide the ultimate in courtesy and accessibility, take care of hundreds of patients each year to ensure that they are able to enjoy an almost normal lifestyle.

Our aim is to limit the impact of their illnesses on their work, personal lives and relationships by enabling them to enjoy all the benefits that travel can bring.