Ventilation Therapy

Ventilation Therapy

VIVISOL, thanks to the use of advanced technological accessories and the competence of highly specialised personnel, guarantees that it can accommodate the comprehensive needs of patients suffering from chronic respiratory failure through the Home-based Mechanical Ventilation service. But VIVISOL’s mission goes beyond the care of the illness. Through monitoring and constant patient follow up, the company verifies that its patients are following the therapeutic plan to ensure the national healthcare systems of the appropriateness of the cost being paid and that the service is efficient and sustainable.

Home-based Mechanical Ventilation

When we speak of respiration, we are usually describing our idea of all the processes that guarantee that body tissues have the necessary amount of oxygen for cellular metabolism and therefore for life. In order for this to happen, it is important that the human body receive enough air to support exchanges of gas in the alveoli, and it is necessary that the respiratory system ventilate correctly. Ventilation is thus the combination of processes that allow air to enter and exit from our lungs, bringing oxygen and removing the carbon dioxide produced from cell metabolism.

In several disorders of the respiratory, nervous and muscular systems, as well as after serious trauma, it is possible that the ventilation pump is insufficient to support the respiratory system. Patients with these disorders need external ventilation support that makes up for the deficiency of the respiratory muscles. Through the years, methods and techniques of artificial mechanical ventilation have been developed, ranging from iron lungs to the more modern mechanical positive pressure ventilators.

Unfortunately, most of the patients who need ventilation support are affected by highly chronic illnesses. Managing chronic illness has become a critical point for society because of its high social and economic impact. If on one hand, it is unthinkable to care for a patient with a chronic, progressive illness in a hospital, it is also true that managing the situation at home causes quite a few problems to the patient and the people who care for him.

For all of these reasons, VIVISOL has been committed for years to managing the home care of patients doing mechanical ventilation. For VIVISOL, managing the patient’s chronic symptoms does not only mean providing mechanical ventilation equipment suitable for his needs, it also means taking on the entirety of the patient’s care. In order to do this, over the years VIVISOL has used the best technologies for invasive and non-invasive mechanical ventilation, for the management and removal of secretions, for respiratory rehabilitation and for monitoring of vital parameters, also at long distance. And there’s more. The company has always combined technology and competence with the warmth of highly specialised physicians, nurses and physiotherapists. These professionals have accompanied and trained care givers in the difficult task of managing difficult conditions at home – conditions that up until just a few years ago could not have been managed outside of suitable hospitals.