Augmentative Alternative Communication

Augmentative Alternative Communication

The loss of ability to speak is a consequence of many congenital or acquired clinical conditions of neurological origin, or of physical trauma. When combined with the loss of movement of the upper limbs, one of the implications for the patient is the incapability to effectively communicate with family members and healthcare personnel.

In recent years, research and development of computer technologies to help overcome disabilities have enabled patients to utilise innovative communication tools.
These technologies make use of the patient’s remaining motor skills to allow autonomous communication, and have become an integral part of the individual rehabilitation project for people affected by serious neurological illnesses, progressive and non-progressive (ALS, Cerebral Palsy, tetraplegia, etc.), in which both written and verbal communication are compromised to the extent that autonomy and/or social inclusion are hindered.

They thus allow patients to recover autonomous communication at a personal level, in using the Internet and in controlling their home appliances (home automation).

Vivisol offers a service that includes:

  •  Identification of the best equipment, or package of equipment  for each patient
  • Customisation of the chosen accessory, based on the patient’s needs and capabilities (e.g. methods of communication, use of Internet, etc.)
  • Technical assistance and support
  • Reconditioning of the equipment at the end of use (verification of functionality, elimination of sensitive data, etc.)