Artificial Nutrition

Artificial Nutrition

Since 1993, VIVISOL has oriented its organisation in a way that allows it to offer a type of home-based artificial nutrition service.
The artificial nutrition service is a “turnkey” service, designed to consider the specific needs and particularities of the patient.

It is a known fact that malnutrition favours the appearance of complications connected with the primary illness, raises the mortality rate and prolongs convalescence. Therefore, it can also be said that many patients die due to malnutrition, and not from the specific disease that they suffer from.

In general, malnutrition renders treatments less effective and healing plans less efficient, resulting in increased costs of drugs, hospital stays and assistance.

In order to prevent and cure malnutrition at home, the technique of Artificial Nutrition (AN) is used. This technique provides nutrition to patients who cannot get enough nutrients naturally.

  • Enteral Artificial Nutrition: involves administering nutritional substances directly into the gastrointestinal tract with the use of feeding tubes (naso-gastric, naso-duodenal, stomata)
  • Parenteral Artificial Nutrition: involves taking nutritional mixtures systemically, in situations of acute or chronic intestinal failure.

Now, it is possible to provide both forms of artificial nutrition at home. When artificial nutrition must be prolonged, the doctor can decide whether a clinically stable patient can continue the treatment began in the hospital at home. Continuing the treatment at home can produce improvement in the patient’s general health and quality of life, thanks to the undeniable advantages deriving from re-entry into the family, social environment and workplace, with the security of knowing that they have care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Each provision of the service is undertaken in a project designed ad hoc, comprising different modules. This allows for a service that is tailored as much as possible to the Providing Operator and the patient.This service is extremely important also for healthcare infrastructure, since malnutrition (associated with various illnesses) can contribute to worsening prognoses, increased risk of contracting infections and prolonged recovery times. All these factors raise healthcare costs.

VIVISOL has worked since 1993 to build a specific organisation to create and perfect a form of home-based enteral and parenteral artificial nutrition service.

VIVISOL has now brought its experience to many people, and has now become the first operator in Italy in terms of days of assistance provided. The Local Health Units have shown great satisfaction for the “turnkey” service which is able to alleviate bureaucratic and logistic problems.

VIVISOL handles the assignment, inspections of the rooms, the installation and maintenance of AN administration systems and the regular provision of nutritional mixtures for treatments prescribed by the doctors. For this reason, VIVISOL has defined collaboration agreements with the most prominent and most qualified suppliers of nutritional products in the world.

Instrumentation and systems of administration supplied by VIVISOL are CE certified and conform to safety and reliability requirements. All of the deliveries are carried out by specialised personnel and with transport vehicles which are suitable for the service.

Interventions in case of emergency are guaranteed by the VIVISOL Technical Assistance department, active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


VIVISOL has developed and implemented the Vivimedical software in order to improve the patient’s assistance experience through the integration between the different healthcare operators involved. In particular, the application allows the management of clinical and administrative aspects of patients undergoing home-based artificial nutrition.
Vivimedical lets operators create an information file for each patient, which is constantly updated ad that allows them to record the personal and clinical data plus information about treatments, deliveries and consumption and to elaborate different statistics.