Aerosol Therapy

Aerosol Therapy

Aerosol therapy facilitates the administration of nebulised medicines directly into the lungs. It may be used to treat chronic asthma, acute asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) or other illnesses that impact airway functioning. Aerosol, or as it is alternatively known, nebulizer therapy, is a well established, non invasive  method of drug delivery which has been proven to be effective for a range of medications.
The nebulisation of the drug and its spontaneous inhalation generally do not have contra-indications and positive effects are recognised. These are fundamental prerequisites in particular for elderly patients and children.

There are two main reasons that people elect to use this treatment:

  • It is specific, because aerosol therapy causes the drug to reach the airways immediately, limiting the possibility that it could reach organs other than those targeted.
  • A smaller dose of medicine is required, as the nebulisation process limits the dispersal of the drug during delivery.

To ensure that the therapy is successful and to optimize the benefit to the patients, it is important to ultilise the highest quality nebulization / delivery devices.
VIVISOL offers an integrated, high quality solution for treating specific chronic illnesses, such as cystic fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension and, more generally, any diseases that can cause inflammation and distress, long or short term, to the respiratory system.

Our package includes a selection of high level, top of the range professional nebulisers. They incorporate an innovative system for very accurate control of particle nebulization and delivery. This enables the smaller particles (MMAD ~ 3 micron) of the medication to reach the lower airways (bronchial tubes and pulmonary alveoli), thus reducing the inflammation and increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.

The services included in our comprehensive package include: 

  • installation of the equipment at the patient’s home
  • education of the patient and anyone associated with their care
  • delivery / replenishment of the single use accessories
  • a 24-7 maintenance service

By providing the best in equipment and service we are able to ensure that the best possible outcomes are achieved for the patient and everyone involved in their care.