Advanced Home Care

Advanced Home Care

Many years experience in the field of health Care has taught us the importance of understanding, and meeting not only the needs of patients who are partially or totally dependent on others, but the people on whom they depend.

For over a decade, VIVISOL has been providing integrated care packages as solutions to cater for these needs, specifically through the delivery of home healthcare and assistance services provided by qualified professional personnel.

Healthcare Personnel
Among our personnel, we have members of all the professions which are essential to managing care at home at all levels. In particular, we employ:
- Specialist doctors
- Professional nurses
- Physiotherapists
- Nutritionists

More importantly, the company itself aims to be perceived as a qualified specialised partner dedicating to the support of the local and regional public healthcare network.
We focus, in particular, on the more critical areas of need, through the customisation of services in line with individual models of procurement, and provision of the bespoke facilities for the requirements of each local healthcare system.

All of these services are coordinated by an operating centre open 24 hours a day.
A constantly evolving computer platform ensures we can deliver excellent management of the information flow between the provider and the healthcare body responsible for  clinical governance.

Models of Advanced Home Care

VIVISOL is active in many levels within the home healthcare service, providing services ranging from the simplest form of personal assistance to the more complex regimes which involve areas of high clinical specialisation.
At the higher levels we operate in conjunction with the individual networks, in compliance with protocols, utilising the specific methods of collaboration between public and private bodies, and the different systems of purchasing utilised in the different localities /market sectors. 
The types of home care and associated healthcare specialisations utilised by VIVISOL in their everyday activities can be summed up in the following four main models:

  • Low intensity integrated public and healthcare assistance
  • Home Hospitalisation (medium/ high intensity assistance) 
  • Home Respiratory Assistance
  • Total Homecare